Bespoke service list

Refurbishment of alloy, repairing damage and corrosion using specialist equipment to achieve a perfected new finish.
Restores a vehicle's body to factory-like condition through using specialist tools to press and massage the damaged panel from behind. As a result, the dented metal is pushed out, to restore its original shape.
Perfecting a vehicle’s paintwork by using specialist techniques and equipment to remove any defects from the surface of the paint e.g., small scratches, bird dropping surface stains, water spots, paint over spray and oxidation.
Restoring windscreen damage using an expert method to inject resin into the damaged area and curing it leaving a excellent, like-new finish.
Protects the exterior of a vehicle from external paint damage by using a professional grade ceramic coating, which creates a new layer, leaving the vehicle’s factory paintwork untouched.
Professionally restoring a vehicle to factory finish using specialist equipment to deep clean the vehicle, precisely focusing on both interior and exterior.
Rejuvenating leather interior back to its original manufactured colour, using expert methods to also improve creases and scratches, creating a smooth and seamless finish.
Repairing stone chips through using specialist paint and brush techniques to fill in small, detailed areas e.g. bonnet chips and edge of doors.
Our state-of-the-art Hunter 4 Wheel Aligner, uses a series of high-definition imaging sensors to measure 14 primary alignment angles on your vehicle allowing us to Individually adjust wheels ensuring the steering wheel is set. straight
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